Can Investing in Technology Help Achieve Your Nonprofit’s Mission?

Adam Reaves

At Shiny Creek, we have the technical know-how and capacity to build just about anything. After years of developing enterprise software for large companies, we're experts at solving core business problems through technology. What interests us most is finding projects where our expertise can have a positive impact on the world. 

I and another member of our leadership team spent nearly a decade each in the nonprofit sector. We know how much of a difference an effective tool can make towards engagement and advancing the mission. We're here to help nonprofits think about how to empower their organization through technology, and ultimately, we here to build it.

Asking the right questions

Nonprofits attract deeply passionate and thoughtful people. There's not lack of imagination or desire for innovative tools, but not every organization has a structured process to ask how technology can address key problems. At the core of any such process,...

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