We don't just build apps and software.
We help companies reinvent themselves.
Image credit: Martin Whatson Behind the curtain

What is reinvention?

We help companies achieve digital tranformation.
This means using technology to reinvent how they deliver services to their customers.

The steps to do this:

Asset Inventory

It starts with us understanding your business, your assets, your customers, and what you do for them that is unique.

Define Success

Your business drivers are also unique. From converting one-time customers to recurring revenue, growing incremental revenue, or defending challenges from competitors.

Design an MVP

By focusing on the most important elements first (minimum viable product) we can make sure you see value quickly and keep costs down.

Build the Solution

Once we have the plan defined, our world-class engineering team will build the mobile and web apps that drive revenue.

SPI: A Reinvention Case Study

What we do

We provide a full range of consulting and application development services.

Product Conception

We understand your needs, the competitive landscape, the market, and how to position and price your offering.

Application Design

We design the right user experience, look and feel, and workflow to meet your product vision.

Application Development

We build web and mobile applications, including back-end (server) development and front-end development (e.g. Javascript, visual assets and CSS).


We select the right technology mix and design for performance, scalability and reliability.

DevOps and Security

We use automated operations support and infrastructure for monitoring, deploying and securing server-based applications.

Application Integration

We link different applications together through APIs, changing data formats and creating service layers.


We are a group of experienced software developers, business analysts and application designers.


Our team innovates with clients from a variety of industries.

Sales Performance International Development of the SPI-1 Platform
Mountain True Mobile crowd-sourced erosion monitoring
CBSi College Sports Cloud-based Stats and Scoring
Team Infographics Data-driven real-time Infographics
Simply Home Front-end and Mobile Development
Catawba Riverkeeper Mobile app with GIS integration and AWS back end

Contact Us

Please tell us about your needs, and we will let you know what we can do to help you succeed.